Founded owned and operated since 2013. Our passion for the plant inspires perfection and nothing less. We don’t make anything we wouldn’t smoke ourselves. Our Solventless Collection, made with intention from soil to oil, is evidence we don’t make anything we wouldn’t smoke ourselves

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Jetty Extracts are made with potent and clean cannabis to give you a high that is reliable and consistent. Nothing is more annoying than getting oils that are not strong and have weak effects. With Jetty carts, you’re getting cannabis that is of the highest quality. These Jetty Extract cartridges are long lasting and will give you a good time. Vapes are a great option for anyone looking for an alternative to smoking traditional cannabis flower. Vapes are smooth to inhale, while still maintaining a high level of potency and effectiveness.

The Highest Quality

When you order from Jetty Extracts Carts, you’re getting high-quality products from California’s best high thc carts brand. In a market that’s increasingly saturated with products of questionable quality, we want to give our customers a reliable option for getting potent and effective cannabis products. With Jetty Extracts Carts, you never have to leave your front door; we deliver straight to your doorstep, at a fast speed.  Shopping for cannabis products online has never been easier.

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